Declaration of accessibility

Public Administration Portal website intends to provide maximum accessibility to all its content and functions for all internet users. When creating and managing this website, accessibility and barrier-free website was taken into consideration so that it would meet accessibility principles according to the Web accessibility guidelines created for the amendment of Act no. 365/2000 Coll., on public administration information systems and its amendments (81/2006 Coll.).


Keyboard shortcuts, option to skip blocks of content

All Public Administration Portal pages include auxiliary menu that contains links that allow skipping the individual main blocks. These links are hidden by CSS supplement, however, can be displayed via the keyboard. Equally, keyboard shortcuts following the recommendation produced by the Initiative for Accessible Internet are available.

The list of keyboard shortcuts:

  • 0 - Page content
  • 1 - Keyboard shortcuts help
  • 2 - Main page
  • 3 - Site Map
  • 4 - Search (if present at the relevant page)
  • 5 - The main menu page
  • 6 – The relevant page submenu

You can return to the previous page by the browser back button.


Published files

Given the nature of the Public Administration Portal, not all the links lead to Websites, but also to general files - published documents and their attachments in various formats.

These files can be displayed in freely available external applications:

Each publishing institution is responsible for content and accessibility of referred documents. We advise these institutions to make sure the files correspond to the Document accessibility guidelines  and comply with the seven principles which each open document should meet.


Displayed content of external information systems

When displaying data from other information system, the part of the context obtained from these external sources may not be fully accessible.

This typically occurs when Acts and Regulations with e.g. tables created by the plain text aligned by gaps are displayed. Minor similar problems (especially formatting lists by tables, not by proper semantic marks) can also be found in the published texts concerning information and life situations.

These data are not administered by the Public Administration Portal and therefore at this time we are unfortunately unable to improve their accessibility. We are negotiating possible solutions with data providers.



Minimal hardware requirements

Standard office computer or laptop with an Internet connection.


Minimum Internet connection

Commonly available ADSL connection with speeds of 1024/256 kb / sec (now commonly available 8192/512 and more).


Supported web browsers

Web browsers with enabled and disabled JavaScript.

A better user feeling can, however, be reached using the JavaScript.

This does not, however, mean that each Web browser is suitable for working on the portal. Especially older versions even not supported by their producers belong among Web browsers not supported by the portal.

Tested web browsers

Given the amount of web browsers, full support for each of them cannot be guaranteed. Currently, testing of application on the following browsers is in process:

  • MS Internet Explorer 11 and EDGE
  • Mozilla Firefox 53 and ESR
  • Google Chrome 59
  • Safari 9 and 10

Windows XP operating system, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions are not supported. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 hasn’t been supported since 12 January 2016 by Microsoft (more info)  and upgrade to the actual version of the browser is recommended.



We're working on making the Public Administration Portal accessible to all users. If you encounter any problem, please let us know. For any suggestions, comments or information about the problems with displaying these pages, please use the information telephone number +420 270 005 200 (Czech language only).